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The Beck Institute 

 Follow a client with severe depression throughout this eight-week course, learning what you need to do to manage hopelessness, capitalize on the therapeutic relationship, develop an effective treatment plan, and get clients moving toward their goals. You’ll see his improvement and apply what you’re learning to your own clients. CLICK HERE

CBT for Anxiety — Core 2 Led by Amy Wenzel, Ph.D. This two-day workshop focuses on fundamental cognitive behaviour theory and treatment for anxiety disorders. CLICK HERE

Aviation Psychology for Aircrew

For aircrew, this offers both confidence in being understood by experts and the potential to significantly shorten therapy where this is necessary. For Aviation Medical Examiners, DCC can provide expert support in all psychological aspects of their work. CLICK HERE

Professor Paul Dolan 

Paul has just launched an online Attention Training programme that aims to reduce people’s tendency to be drawn towards alcohol.


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