Dr Helen Nightingale

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Q: Are my problems due to childhood experiences?
A: No one will deny that early influences from parents, siblings and schooling can have a very important impact. But your solutions to problems lie in your thinking and interpretation of things here and now. CBT therapy focuses on the here and now. Sometimes it is helpful to learn how to change the way you are thinking and interpreting things now.

Q: How do I know if CBT will help me?
A: Results of the world-wide research indicate that this approach has benefits for most people. This is providing they use the techniques and continue to practise them. Use the downloads to help you practice the recommendations and see if you feel better. One way of noticing any changes over time is to keep a diary and record your thoughts and responses.

Q: How can I learn more about CBT:
A: You can download any of the pod casts or you can purchase any of the books on the book list.  You can blog Dr Helen Nightingale for a personal response, or you can go to any of the links attached for further information.

Q: Do I need a therapist?
A: This website is designed to help you help yourself, it will not replace a CBT therapist, and it does not offer therapy. But it will offer you an introduction to the approach and help you to learn about the subject.  If you have decided you want therapy, you may contact me or use the link to the BABCP website for a list of accredited therapists near you.