Dr Helen Nightingale

Clinical and Corporate Psychology Services


Executive coaching and employee assistance programs.

Dr Helen Nightingale is an Occupational Psychologist and work coach.

For the most successful outcome from coaching help in the work situation we need to use CB Techniques to bring about change for the individual.

Both Employers and Employees can benefit from these techniques.


Meditation is one of the most powerful methods of controlling and relaxing your mind. Ordinary relaxation techniques will relax your body, but if your mind is still whirling then it defeats total relaxation.

There is a whole range of meditation techniques and you should try and select one that suits you

Some people like to close their eyes and others focus on a point of light or a particular spot. It is best to train in one method and select from that method the approach with which you feel most comfortable with.

Some methods are rigid and very formal using a particular mantra and other approaches just walk you through the technique.


Mindfulness meditation is simply a way of learning to pay attention. It is the practice of becoming more aware and engaged in every moment of your life.

With this practise we learn to release our worries about our future, release our regrets about our past and focus with a sense of calm, accepting relaxation on the present moment.

As we practise this way of being in the world, we find that we gradually begin to experience more peace and joy in our lives.

By practising mindfulness meditation you can learn to see your life more clearly, and find ways to bring pleasure and interest back into your daily experience.

Here are some websites, meditations, styles and a collection of methods that you may select:

Transcendental Meditation (TM) as taught by the Marahie Yogi.

Brama Kumaris and website link here.

BBC. The CD and DVD by Mike Harding and website link here.