Dr Helen Nightingale

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Dr Helen Nightingale Helps people to cope better with life.

Hello, I am a clinical psychologist with over thirty years experience of working with people with psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, stress and post trauma stress, sleep, phobias and relationship problems.

Throughout this site you will find help, information and answers to the following questions:

What is CBT?
What is Anxiety?
What is Depression?
What is rumination. And it's relation to OCD. (obsessive compulsive disorder.) 
What are transdiagnostic factors. Such as Worry  and Perfectionism.
How does CBT  help with Panic Attacks, Fears and Phobias?  The role of exposure in therapy
Why do behavioural experiments ?
The controlling of unhelpful automatic thoughts.
Eating disorders and why emotional regulation is so important in these treatments.

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